Ned’s New Post, And Original Auditions!

Ned has just added another post to his blog on It’s mainly about the history of the Brooklyn Bridge, his thoughts on the film shoots, and some other similar things. It’s definately worth a read, and you can so so here.

Also, I found something interesting while looking up IKOAFS on Youtube: real audtions for the movie! They aren’t audiotions by Keir Gilchrist or Emma Roberts, but they are still very interesting to see, and whet my appetite for actual footage from the movie even more! Here they are:

An audition for Craig by Alex Rzechowicz

Another audion by Alex Rzechowicz

A 3rd Audition by Alex

An audition by Jacob Dylan Hughes

Jordan Thompson audtions for the role of Craig

Chase Austin audition, Part I

Chase Austin audition, Part II

Chase Austin audition, Part III

The only audition for Noelle, by Karynn Moore


2 Responses to “Ned’s New Post, And Original Auditions!”

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